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August 24, 2010
The Real Problem at Arrowhead Credit Union is Working with Common Purpose, Not Lack of Capital
In late July, Inland Empire community leaders sent NCUA a letter about Arrowhead’s conservatorship. On August 10, NCUA responded but failed to address the writers’ chief concern — when will they get their credit union back?
Bank Systems & Technology: The Blog: Grameen Grows Its Microfinance Platform on Amazon’s Cloud
Although some banks have balked at putting transaction information on an external cloud due to data security and privacy concerns, Grameen seems to have cleared that hurdle. "Using the Amazon service, we know the datacenter where each individual customer’s data is located (in most cases, this is in an Amazon data center in Northern Virginia; we’re currently exploring using a Singapore datacenter through Amazon EC2 to better serve customers in Asia)," Conard says. "These are highly-secured production data centers with all appropriate backups and maintenance."
What Does Your Phone Say About You? New Mobile Couponing Data from Reveals Tell-Tale Differences Between iPhone and Android Users | Business Wire
Android ™ users are manly-scented, pork-eating users are manly-scented, pork-eating Android ™ users are manly-scented, pork-eating news-reading, bird lovers, while iPhone ® users users news-reading, bird lovers, while iPhone users are feminine-smelling, chicken-eating entertainment-reading fish owners.
Can’t we simplify digital identity?
Why is digital identity so tricky? The past decade is littered with earnest initiatives that failed to meet expectations (like the Australian Trust Centre) or consortia that over promised and under delivered (such as Liberty Alliance). Now we have the Open Identity Exchange which is said to reflect an "ecosystem" of identity providers and consumers. The Whitehouse's high minded National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace has adopted the ecosystem as a given.

All such "federated identity" models start with the intuitively appealing premise that if an individual has already been identified by one service provider, then that identification should be made available to other services, to save time, streamline processes, reduce costs, and open up new business channels. It's a potent mix of supposed benefits, and yet strangely unachievable.

Experian Ready to Help Lenders Comply With New Risk-Based Pricing Regulations — COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ –
COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ — Experian®, the leading global information services company, is announcing its comprehensive offering of products and services to help clients comply with consumer notification requirements related to the new Risk-Based Pricing Rule. Beginning Jan. 1, 2011, the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Reserve Board have mandated that lenders send consumers a Risk-Based Pricing Notice if the lender does not provide the consumer with the most favorable rate.

"While January 1, 2011, is still months away, lenders must begin their preparations to comply with the new regulation now," said Andrew Sheehan, senior vice president of Experian Consumer Information Services. "Lenders should be evaluating their underwriting processes and understanding their resource and technology action plans to determine the best method to ensure effective compliance with the rule."

Peer at Your Peers: PFM with Benchmarking Twist from Bundle – American Banker Article
Bundle, which is backed by Citigroup Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Morningstar Inc., launched its website in January with a service that lets people examine their peers' spending habits. It used large pools of aggregated transaction data, collected from Citi and other sources, that could be tracked by a wide range of parameters, including age, location, income and family status. For example, users could find out how much a married couple with kids would pay for rent in San Francisco, or how much a single man in his twenties spends on entertainment in New York.

However, that version did not let people import their own financial details — a sharp contrast to prevailing models for PFM software.

The new version corrects this. Users will be able to enter their age range, income range and other factors to see how their own spending on, for example, dining or travel compares to median spending levels of other people like them.

U.S. Bank Launches Credit Wellness Center by Bank Systems & Technology
Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank has launched a new interactive feature on its website designed to help consumers manage credit scores, provide education about credit and provide tools and resources to help build and maintain credit.
Android Anti-Malware Apps vs. Tap Snake
"Last week Sarah Perez reported that a game called Tap Snake, available in Android Market, was actually a mostly harmless piece of spyware. I took to the opportunities to test a few of the anti-malware apps available on the market: antivirus free from droidSecurity, Lookout, Symantec's Norton Mobile Security for Android beta, and Smobile. Surprisingly, Lookout was the only app that caught Tap Snake."
Android Mobile Web Use Up 400% in Q2, Outpacing Apple & BlackBerry
Mobile Web usage on Android devices in the U.S. quadrupled in the second quarter of 2010, stealing market share from Apple and BlackBerry devices, says U.K. mobile analytics firm Bango. Apple's traffic grew just 13% causing it's share of the mobile browsing market to fall 16%, and BlackBerry saw its similarly slow growth outpaced by Android devices.

"Apple appears to be losing ground to the latest Android handsets from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung, showing the slowest quarterly growth in Web browsing."
- Ray Anderson, CEO Bango

Statistics like these can be misleading or confusing to some mobile consumers. To paraphrase what is happening in the mobile Web industry, all platforms – Apple, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, etc – are all seeing growth and the market is expanding. However, Android devices saw far more growth than the others in this last quarter, snagging a larger piece of the overall pie.


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