ING is Finally Opening Some Branches

September 1, 2010

At least that’s the subject of an email I received from ING this week. The actual email subject read “We’re finally opening branches – in your pocket.” Ironically, I read this email on my phone and, due to limited screen space, I only read “We’re finally opening branches.” I normally don’t open the emails I get from ING but this one caught my attention.

Following the link takes you to a menu of mobile device choices. I have an android device and the only native app available for Android is an ATM finder. I don’t really want an ATM finder so I didn’t download it. I did check out their mobile website and it is serviceable but not really a branch replacement.

I don’t bank with ING because they are leaders in online technology. I bank with them for competitive rates. Still, following the links in this email ended up being a let down.

Call me old fashioned, but from time to time I still have to deposit paper checks into my bank account. It’s simply more convenient for me to deposit checks at the local ATM than it is to deposit them into ING.  Check deposit barriers is a key reason why I haven’t made ING my primary financial institution.

When I received an email claiming a branch has been opened in my pocket, I I expected more. Without remote check deposit functionality, the mobile offering from ING is not a branch replacement. Without a full featured native app for Android, their mobile offering is incomplete.

On the plus side, they still have good rates, and their videos promoting mobile banking are fairly entertaining.

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